Join hands together in the mission of Educating the children

Why this program?

Education is the base of a well devloped society. An education makes a child to grow into a responsible citizen of a nation. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultured and educated by providing knowldege, experience, skill and good attitude towrads life. It is the key to solve the various problems of life.

Sameer Foundation believes that children living in lower ladders of society gets one level of education from school but due to their poor environment they are not able to get practical knowldge on health and cleanliness, social issues and latest technologies around. All this keeps them a step behind everyone .

Through this program ,Sameer Foundation aims to enable and empower children by bridging up these gaps and providing them general knowldge and basic life skills to make them ready for future.


To make children learn and practice a healthy lifestyle

To make them understand about various social issues & make them prepare accordingly

To make each child  understand rights as a citizen of India

To give expsoure of latest technology to them

To actively engage children in learning by connecting to the school and broader community.

To inculde fun learning actitivites to keep them motivated and interested towards education.

Substantial research shows that students who feel both valued by adults and a part of their schools perform better academically and also have more positive social attitudes, values, and behavior. Plus, they are less likely to engage in drug use, violence, or sexual activity. After-school programs can promote academic achievement, but their success requires targeted investment, stakeholder commitments, focused academic support, quality programming, and a process of continual improvement.