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Blanket & Quilt for Needy

Every Year thousands of people from lower ladders of the society suffer from cold wave. People from lower ladders of the society, living on streets or homeless becomes the first victim of chilling winter in Delhi every year.

SF aims to distribute Quilts and Blankets every year to help them ever year in winters on 06th of December.

How can you help?

You can donate Quilts, Blankets or make a money transfer for the cause.

You can Refer a needy

Timelines for this is from 15th October to 20th November every year.

Who gets the Help?

People who suffers from chilling winters because of lack of Blankets and Quilts gets this help.

To identify needy we reach out to people living on streets,  homeless  and people living in slum. We also engage various NGOs to reach out to needy.

In case you come across somebody around you who needs this help, please do let us know.